Alty Falvey

The Intuitive
Alty kumu kahua 3

As the Super Sistahs’ resident intuitive, Alty has a sixth sense for knowing what clients really want and need. Her superpower is her ability to read between the lines and get to the heart of the matter, making sure the agency delivers exactly what the client needs.

Alty isn’t just about business, she has a softer side too. Did you know that she’s multilingual? That’s right, she speaks English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French! And as if that isn’t cool enough, she’s also a spider lover, thanks to her childhood obsession with “Charlotte’s Web.”

Her Motto? “Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.”  That’s something we can all get behind.


Not only is Alty a superhero in the empathy department, but she also has a list of clients that would make any supervillain quake! She works with the Bank of Guam, Hawai‘i Pacific Health, Na Hoku, and TASI Bank.


When Alty isn’t busy saving the world with her empathy powers, you can find her jamming out to her Super Sistah song, “Estoy Aquí” by Shakira.


If you find yourself in Brooklyn, you’ve gotta check out “Best Pizza.” Trust me, it’s the best. Grab a pepperoni slice and a diet coke. You’ll thank me later.

And don’t forget to add “Di Mi Nombre” by Rosalía to your playlist for serious flamenco and Sasha Fierce vibes.

Need a good read? Check out “The Mothers” by Brit Bennett. From page one, you know that the heartbreak coming will be worth it.

When it’s movie night, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Last, but not least, the Pōpolo Project is an amazing resource for learning about what it means to be Black in Hawai‘i.

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