Embedded deep within our Island community lies Anthology FINN Partners, the Super Sistahs’ HQ, known as the Sistah Sanctuary.

With a state-of-the-art facility that rivals even the Bat Cave, Anthology is equipped with all the tools necessary to help the Sistahs fulfill their assignments. From award-winning Creative Services to cutting-edge Digital Strategy, Design, and Tech Know-How, Anthology has it all. With Media Planning and Buying expertise, Market Research prowess, and Public Relations mastery (from Crisis Communications to Community, Government and Media Relations), Anthology ensures their superheroes are always one step ahead of the competition. And with Broadcast/Video Production and Social Media Strategy and Implementation services in-house, Anthology helps their superheroes reach and engage with audiences across all channels.

Welcome to Anthology FINN Partners, the ultimate HQ for marketing and communication superheroes.


Looking for the Super Sistahs in their Anthology FINN Partners HQ? Head straight to Sistahs’ Sanctuary, where our heroic sistahs can be found. But watch out for inter-dimensional chaos that may lead to office rearrangements. Stay alert for any sudden teleportation beams or earth-shaking sonic booms in the passageways. And if you’re having trouble locating your favorite Sistahs, just ask honorary Super Sistah Kawekiu – she’s always in the know.

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